After multiple sold out seasons and a nomination for Best Cabaret at Perth Fringe World, Louisa Fitzhardinge brings her critically acclaimed comedy cabaret to Sydney!

Louisa’s found true love in the English language, but it’s hard being a grammar nerd when there are people selling “potato’s” and misusing the word ‘literally’ at every turn. All she really wants is someone who’ll snuggle up with her on the couch and seductively whisper puns into her ear. Ideally in multiple languages. Is that too much to ask?

Join language-loving Lou as she explores the ‘bien’ and the ‘mal’ of how we communicate, from sign language gone wrong to Germany’s penchant for weird and wonderful words, and figures out why she’s so smitten with the written.

It’s nerdy. It’s pun-filled. And it might just make you want to learn a language… or at least start erasing those damn stray apostrophes on café blackboards.

Nominated Best Cabaret FringeWorld 2017

“Comma Sutra is a brilliant cabaret show – brilliant in content and performance alike.” ★★★★★ – The West Australian

“An absolute affection for all things wordy.” ★★★★★ – The Australia Times

“Witty lyricism and punchlines timed to perfection.” ★★★★★ – Theatre People

“One of the wittiest and most intelligent shows included in this year’s lineup.” ★★★★★ – The Funny Tonne

“A considered, entertaining and brilliant piece of work by an exceptionally talented Australian artist.” ★★★★☆ – Arts Hub

NB: Sold Out? A small allocation of tickets may be released at the Box Office each night. Try your luck!

! Strong language, mild sexual references.

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Time: 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Duration: 1 hour

Dates: Tue 24 July, Wed 25 July, Past Events July

Price: $30

Room: Parlour Tent

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Address: 1 Queen Elizabeth Drive, Bondi Beach 2026

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