world premiere

You step out into the arena. Your teeth ache from the cold. You look into the crowd. Find a face. Her face. Got it.

And in that moment, you know. She has the answer.

By that power of quick perception given to those whose souls are one, you know she knows which door will decide your fate.

One door hides the tiger. One the lady.

She had known she would be asked and she had decided what she would answer. Without the slightest hesitation, she moves her hand to the right.

So, what’s behind the door? The Lady or the Tiger?

A beachside-round-the-back-open-air spectacular, exploring snakes eating themselves, our love of watching each other suffer and spoilers. Welcome to the world of The Lady or the Tiger.

Rug up! The Lady and the Tiger is semi-outdoors, so bring a jacket!

Presented by: Kleine Feinheiten
Devised by: Adriane Daff, Claudia Osborne, Eliza Scott and Mikala Westall
Performers: Adriane Daff and Eliza Scott
Directors: Mikala Westall and Claudia Osborne
Set + Costume Design: Maya Keys
Lighting Design: Tom Houghton
Sound Design: Angus Mills
Photo by: Philip Erbacher

Address: 1 Queen Elizabeth Drive, Bondi Beach 2026

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